Adapted statistics

Svan Data works with customer friendly and adaptable import/export statistics. That means that statistics fall into the customers informaiton structure,  which has been individually developed according to experience, traditions, working situation, technical facility, etc.

Benefits of Svan Data statistical system:

  1.  Customized statistics. Each subscriber get its own program in the system, which make it possible to design the information to your own requirements..
  2. Web-distribution. Svan Data's popular tables of import/export statistics can now be distributed  to you  on the web, with your  own Username and Password.. The Username  and  Password can be shared with  people inside your company/organisation. Our tailor-made statistics can therefor be accessible to many people in your company/organisation in a global way. 
  3. Support. With 30 years of experience,  we help you solve any problem,  which may coccur  with the statistics.
  4. Global statistics. You can order monthly statistics from more than 100  countries and annual  statistics  from  more than 160 countries.